Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dimensions of Consciousness

I had sent to Burt Harding the link to my blog “Being-the Oneness”.  He was good enough to respond and in his reply while appreciating the blog, he also made a comment which I am reproducing below.

“One point I would like to stress dear Sam is that while this knowledge is excellent yet we are entering the 4th dimension and we are living in extremely consciousness-shifting times when everyone’s values are being challenged to be met and transcended.  Therefore, in view of this, the ‘Life-Energy’ is shifting from the emphasis of clearing the past as done in modern therapies to the SEEING of What-Is at the moment as already Divine.  It is this SEEING that is bringing the mass awakening of humanity.  This also means that the human is not seen as something ‘bad’ but as a catalyst for greater growth and acceptance.” 

I was intrigued by his reference to ‘4th dimension’ and ‘consciousness-shifting’.  For as per my reading, Consciousness is nirvikara, i.e. it does not undergo any modifications and is One only without gradations, which means it is free of levels as well. Also it is all-pervading.  So where it can shift to?  So I wrote back seeking clarification mentioning my doubt as follows.

“In your comment you are making a mention of our entering into fourth dimension.  This I had also heard you mention in your satsangh.  Is it the consciousness you are referring to as the fourth dimension, the body, mind and intellect being other dimensions?   And is it the awakening to consciousness as our Real Self the entering into fourth dimension?  You can briefly clarify, at your leisure.”

Quick came his reply with the clarification which is as follows:

“The question you asked is fully loaded and requires some research to understand it more.  You see, we are all born human being – as you know it is BEING playing the human role.  While BEING is already perfect, the human is what is needed to learn from and its evolution is what creates this seeming universe.  Evolution is the gradual growth of the human getting to know its own true nature through seeming ‘time.’  Dimensions are levels of deeper conscious understanding of this ‘seeming’ process.  It is like the years of physical life for in this lifetime.  We start as infants, then children ready to walk and talk, then develop ego around 3 or 4 years old, then the difficult years of teenage-hood then the slow maturity to greater unfoldment. 

During the war years we lived in the 3rd dimension level of consciousness where everything was either white or black, good or bad, right or wrong etc.  This was a time of great conflict of the physical knowing of our world where three-dimensions (height, width and depth) predominated our consciousness.  At this time we completely believed the world was real and material.  Therefore religions had more power over the people.  Then we started entering the 4th dimension around the years of the 60’s where sexual revolution, outmoded ideas where beginning to be seen.  This is a time of emphasis on emotions where people began to get in touch with what they felt more than just beliefs.  Thus many atheists arose around this time.  There were also more intellectuals asking deeper questions. Still the word ‘God’ became taboo for most intellectuals. 

 Now in this year of 2013 we are entering the deeper side of the 4th dimension that is transcending time and space.  For example, technology such as iphones, advanced computers,skyping are proving that time and space are illusory.  However, what is most important at this time is GOD and its realization.  This is a time for vibrational transformation where words alone are not enough; where scriptures and teachings are not enough but deeper recognition that GOD is all there is.  GOD is love; God is perfect and absolute unconditional love and many people are awakening to that knowing beyond words by awakening their insightful heart.  Also there is greater acceptance of the human as a longing and yearning for God whether it is expressed in drinking, drugs or sexual exploits or through needs and seeking of love through relationships, greater understanding of each other and so on.  In other words, it doesn’t matter how one lives their life, behind their suffering is a yearning for God without knowing it.  All human seeking is a seeking of BEING (God). 

When we start seeing clearly how everything we do, seek and want is God above all because it is all there is, then our love nature flowers like never before and start recognizing our Oneness. Thus in a few years we will be entering the 5th dimension where all our values of the past will drop away and what is left is truly the Divine Nature of Humanity.”

After reflection on what Burt has said I replied to Burt as follows: I went through your detailed comment carefully and took time to think about it.  I think you are referring to the individual consciousness manifested in the mind of the individual as consciousness, as this can have only dimensions of growth based on the evolution of the mind from the animalistic origin to the divine nature, which is the true Self of the human, the Being.  ---------  In Advaita Vedanta texts, pure Consciousness is referred to as Chit and the manifestation in mind, Chitabhasa, meaning reflection in the mind. So when I translate Awareness to Chit and consciousness to Chitabhasa, I am able to understand and agree with what you say.” 

Proceeding on this premise and calling Chitabhasa as individual consciousness, to distinguish it from pure Consciousness, we can see individual consciousness also moves to a higher dimension as the reflecting medium, when the mind is refined through spiritual studies, satsanghs, spiritual practices and studying with a teacher.  I shall hereafter refer to pure Consciousness as Chaithanyam and Chithabhasa, the individual Consciousness as simply Consciousness.  Swami Ranganathananda remarks "Spirituality is not a mere scholarship; it is being and becoming in the words of Swami Vivekananda: it is growth, development and realisation.  Spiritual knowledge, unlike scholarship does not arise in the mind of man if  it is morally impure”  Unless the mind is made subtle and refined through sadhanas while leading a good moral life, the knowledge will not get assimilated and become part of oneself however much one hears or reads.  When knowledge is absorbed and becomes part of oneself,  then this knowledge of Self, Athma Jnanam, will be available, at all times. So there can be stages of growth in Consciousness depending on the growth in subtlety of the mind.  These stages can be called as dimensions of growth.  

Dimension 1,2 &3 are everybody’s everyday dimensions, corresponding to waking state, dream state and deep sleep state.  They can be called waking consciousness, dream consciousness and deep sleep consciousness.  Since the mind is fully awake, interacting with the outside world in the waking state, partially awake interacting only with the individual’s dream world in dream state and in sleep with no thoughts in the deep sleep state, they are classified separately. They are basic dimensions common to all.  Spiritual growth and development starts from fourth dimension, in which one awakens to the fact that one is not the body-mind-intellect complex, which we shall hereafter refer to as BMI, but the Chaitanyam, which lends sentiency to the BMI through its manifestation in mind as Consciousness, and this Chaitanyam is only a silent witness of the activities of BMI. We can call this fourth dimension as witness Consciousness.  When one realizes that the Chaitanyam is none other than Brahman, the cosmic Supreme, one divinises the mind and this can be said to be fifth dimension, divine Consciousness. The next stage of growth is when one sheds the individual ego, realizing that one’s true self is Brahman and this we can call the sixth dimension, cosmic Consciousness. The final stage of development is when one can stay in this realization all the time 24/7, seeing all in Brahman and Brahman in all, animate and inanimate and that Brahman in himself as his true Self.  Such a person is called Brahma Nishta and people like Ramana Maharishi are example of people who have attained that state. This we can call the unity Consciousness, when one is constantly aware of Brahman in all and all in Brahman, that Brahman being one’s own true Self.

The dimensions, names and analysis are a result of my trying to reconcile the ideas of advaita teachers of west like Burt Harding and Deepak Chopra with my knowledge from Vedanta texts.  The number of dimensions and some of their names are borrowed from Deepk Chopra’s analysis of higher states of Consciousness and the concept of dimension and Consciousness has been inspired by Burt Harding’s satsanghs.  To purists who may frown upon the idea of Consciousness having dimensions, I will only invite their attention to Burt’s remark  “Dimensions are levels of deeper conscious understanding of this ‘seeming’ process.” and my definition of Chitabhasa  as individual Consciousness.